Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan

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Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan, psc the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd Has Kicked out the Heroes of 1/11 Like Francis and Finn from Westmont Power In 2012.

Retired Colonel Md Shahid Uddin Khan
Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan, psc, the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd Has Kicked out the Heroes of 1/11 Like Francis and Finn from Westmont Power In 2012. Francis (Bloody Kafir) and Finn, the Danish Cartoonist on Hazrat Muhammad (SM:) have been blackmailing the people in energy sector for more than a decade. During 1/11 they could make a space in DGFI by bribing Lieutenant Colonel Saif Zoarder and Lieutenant Colonel Afzal. Francis and Finn made a file on corruptions in Energy Sector, which went mainly against BNP’s energy state minister Iqbal Hasan Mahmood Tuku and Tarek Zia, under which Tuku, his family and Tarek Zia were arrested. Thereafter they made a story on Westmont Power (BD) Ltd, in which they included Sheikh Hasina in a corruption case. Therefore, DGFI awarded Francis and Finn for making these fabricated stories on corruptions in Energy Sector. As a result, Francis and Finn could nicely grab Westmont Power (BD) Ltd as a part of all other awards during 1/11 and placed Brigadier (Retd) Akber (Ex AMSPM of Khaleda Zia) as the owner of the Westmont Power, Francis and Finn also became the only consultants on huge payments in the process. Malaysian owner Dato also wilfully cooperated this blackmailer gang, because Dato himself was defaulter and wanted to save himself from his committed crimes, like money laundering and tax evasion. Ultimately, none of them could escape justice; they are now facing charges in the courts of law, the case numbers of the main ones are; Dudok Case No: 69 (03)/2008 and also Dudok Case No: 64 (04)/2011 for money laundering of seventy five crore Taka. Dato of Malaysia is absconding and as assumed, Francis, Finn and Dato are going to face possibly huge punishment as per the gravity of their committed crimes from the court of law.

Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd had kicked out Francis and Finn Lagaard Jensen of Denmark from Westmont Power (BD) Ltd, the most wanted criminals in the Energy Sector of Bangladesh. Francis and Finn thereafter took media assistance from their very close associate Mr. Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury, the editor of Weekly Blitz, Times of Assam, American Chronicle, Defence PK, My Khilafah, Sylhet Times etc and started publishing all rubbish and fabricated stories against Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd in order to force him to bring them back to Westmont Power (BD) Ltd. But everyone knows the strength of the personality of Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), who even did not hesitate a little to sacrifice his outstanding military career while upholding ethics, values and above all National Interest. Therefore, what to tell about compromising with the culprits, money launderer, cheat etc like Francis and Finn, against whom there are many criminal cases under trial in the Hon’ble lower and high courts.

However, Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury could ultimately realise his faults after deliberate investigation about Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd) and immediately published a rejoinder on 04 April 2012 in this regard in his Weekly Blitz. Francis and Finn got separated from Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury after they found the Rejoinder of Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan, psc (Retd), the CEO of Prochhaya Ltd in Weekly Blitz and other weeklies. Besides, Salauddin Shoaib Chowdhury has been in jail for more than 08 months till today on a monetary cheating case.  Thereafter, Francis and Finn created other online weeklies namely Pakistan Defence, Hisbut Tahrir, Free Press Release etc and are continuing to publish all fabricated stories for blackmailing. The scanned copies of the photos of arrested Shoaib Chowdhury, Francis and Finn have been pasted below:

Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin KhanRetired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan

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  1. Only kicking out is not sufficient, bringing them to justice is more important. However, Cornel Shahid Khan has the guts indeed.

  2. General Bhuyan Sir, Colonel Shahid Khan could kick out Francis and Finn, could he really fine-tune them to leave Bangladesh? Possibly not, because our society prefers the people like Francis and Finn, we are a Tabedar Country.

  3. What Mr. Raza of United Group and Chairman Haroon are doing about it? Are they having any secret link with Finn and Francis? I wish, Mr. Raza and Mr. Haroon are not deceiving Mr. Shahid Khan.

  4. Look Mr. Colonel Shahid Khan; the Govt could not even arrest Gen Amin (Bihari Amin), Brigadier Bari, Lt Colonel Saiful Zoarder, Lt Colonel Afzal etc, great thieves and big Goondas of 1/11. Why should you expect of fixing Francis and Finn type chuna puthis by the govt? Do you know what is our Sin? Simply is that we have born in this country.

  5. I do feel your sentiment Professor Mr. Khnodoker Korban. But remember sinners may escape our or Govt’s eyes, but they can never escape Allah’s eyes. The thieves and big Goondas of 1/11are already in severe sufferings, so what we could not get hold of them, just relax and be ready to catch forth comers.

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